"Trail of Terror" opens Sept 27th.

Absolutely no young kids carried in arms by parents!

New for 2013 - the clown area can be bypassed!  Those who just will not go to a haunt with clowns in it can come here.  At one point the trail will divide; one path leading to the Big Top; and one path is a clown free alterative.   Those with clown phobia can rejoin their friends 50 feet away.  Your welcome Brandy!  Pass the word to fellow clown haters that this is the place for them.

  COMING TO OUR PLACE THIS FALL are new props from our visit to a national haunters convention we never do the same show twice!  Some were again filmed ON THE TRAVEL CHANNEL .   We did a lot of shopping at national haunters convention and we have several new things for you to see.  So if you are tired of your local haunt showing you the same thing year after year after year give us a tour.  We have ALREADY contracted to trade stuff in our trail this year to haunts around the country for their new stuff for 2014.  WE NEVER GIVE THE SAME SHOW TWO YEARS IN A ROW!!! Several of the things we have will only be here for one year!  And then they go to Ohio, Pennsylvania and other places we have a trading circle set up with.  That is how we can bring you a new show every year; we invested enough so we can trade with the biggest haunts in the country. 

Trail opens at dusk (7:30 first weekend and by 7:00pm last two weeks).  Tickets $15 sell till 10:30pm SHARP (last 2 Sundays sell till 9:30).  DON'T BE LATE.  Visit us first then go to other haunts open later.  Combo ticket that includes the corn maze are $20 sells till 9:30 pm


The big monsters you see were some from years past theme park quality animatronics...come see who replaced them for 2013. 

 Highly recommend coming on a Friday if possible...lines are shorter than Sat. nights.  

The vortex tunnel also known as a black hole is  here to stay.  A 20 foot long tube you walk through as it spins around you. You walk along a raised bridge through the tunnel, the spinning stars swirl around you disorienting you.



We have added several thousands of dollars again in 2013 to our production production..  There are no discounts for trail of terror....we are already the lowest priced haunt around for what we offer.    WE ARE QUALITY!!!!  It takes a couple years of ticket sales to pay for our props.  We rather make ticket line go faster for you and not make change for you like many $20+ haunts in southern Michigan.  If one scene temporarily breaks down you still in for a good show and your moneys worth. No big prop has missed a beat in the last 6 years. 

This is separate from the maze you can not get lost in haunted area. 

Timid friends can do the maze on the other side of the field while scare seekers do Trail of Terror - everyone is happy at Bestmaze!!

It is a trail over 1/3 of a mile long winding through the corn with over 60 turns, fog, strobe lights, shacks, spinning vortex tunnel, and more. Corey Rubino of Lansing says "It is better than any haunted hayride around - it is more fun to run away for a second then be hauled past stuff on a lame wagon" He has been to many other Michigan haunts and will be coming back here!

     Dates for 2013 are: Fri & Sat nights and last 2 Sun. nights of Oct.

 Sept 27, 28  Oct. 4,5,11,12,18,19,20,25,26 &27

Tickets $15  adding corn maze = $20



The pictures you see are of our two 17 foot tall animated monsters FROM 2008*...they are theme park quality with movement & sound.  These are first rate props from the leader in haunted props - not garage made junk.  A&E Television did a documentary on the making of these props of ours they are so good.  Come see the new ones for 2013.


  As you walk along the winding trail (not a maze - you will not get lost - the maze is on the other side of the field) you will encounter several sights and events.  Many special effects complete the mood; if a dark corn field isn't scary enough for you to start with. Several of your favorite horror characters will be back again this year.


 Everyone asks if this is good.   Most say it is great.  I personally put on a costume and did some of the scaring last year.  After I took my costume off and went out to the parking lot to take a poll to see if people liked it I recognized one of my victims in a University of Michigan shirt.  I asked him if the Trail of Terror was any good.  He replied " I wasn't scared".   Funny thing was he ran over his girlfriend and left her behind to get away from me.  When I revealed to him I was one of the freaks who he ran from; he admitted it was "VERY GOOD"  His girlfriend was NOT happy about being left behind.    



What is expected of you:   You will be staggered out in small groups as you enter.  Walk through the trails and stay on the path.  Anyone going off the paths or onto a fenced off trail will be removed by maze cops – no refund.  We will not tolerate any rough contact with actors; destruction of fencing; buildings; corn; or throwing of any objects.   No alcohol allowed onto paths.   Drunks not allowed to enter.


Age for participants:   While the Trail of Terror will have intense scares it will not be a disgustingly gross production.   We take the gross out of some of the well known plots and present “the scare or terror”.   Not recommended for kids under 12.  We have 8 year olds go through with parents but the actors automatically disappear fast when they jump out and see young kids.  Parents must decide for themselves to take children on this as parents will not get full effect.  Many couples are already planning on getting a sitter for the evening and brining other friends. 


For those who do not like the scary stuff:   The regular corn maze will still be available on the other side of same field with no scary people in it.   Maze entrance runs every Friday 6-10 pm and every Sat 1 -10 pm and Sunday from 1 – 9 pm.









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